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ELD Mounting Packages

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With the federal Electronic Logging Device mandate in place, many enterprise and transportation based companies are having to establish company-wide solutions for their vehicles and drivers.  An Electronic Logging Device can be as simple as an app on a users phone or as complex as a mission built tablet and everything in between.  One commonality across all solutions is the requirement for device mounting.  Both Havis and Gamber Johnson have approached this need by designing and manufacturing custom pre-packaged solutions with the ELD specifically in mind.  Havis has a solution that can utilize cupholders to mount the ELD in a easy to reach mounting location that exists in most every vehicle made:

You can check out the components and purchase Havis' ELD PKG-HCS-UT-301-CUP mounting package here:


Gamber Johnson has taken a more general approach in an attempt to reach a wider slate of customer needs and has designed much of their Zirkona system components to be mix and matched to perfectly suit the vehicle and user requirements and limitations.  Everything from magnetic and suction cup mounting to drilled and vehicle specific base plates make up a core foundation for a Zirkona mount paired with a device specific tablet.  A perfect exampe would be a 7160-1385-05 paired with a 7160-0774



Becoming compliant with the ELD mandate can run the range from simple to complex rollouts and The Rugged Store can help answer the many questions that might come up!

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