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Printer Mounting Equipment


Printer Mounting Equipment

Print On the Go: Printer Mounting Equipment

Say farewell to the chaos of loose printers rattling around in your vehicle! At The Rugged Store, we provide a sanctuary for your mobile printing needs with our extensive range of Havis printer mounts. Whether you’re a devoted fan of the Brother PocketJet or RuggedJet, or you swear by the Zebra ZQ520, we’ve got the ideal cradle for your reliable companion. These mounts offer more than just a secure hold for your printer; they’re crafted with your comfort and convenience in mind. Experience ergonomic bliss with optional armrests, optimize space with clever flip-up features, and choose between pedestal or top-mount setups to suit your vehicle’s layout perfectly. Plus, keep essentials like paper, ink, and cables neatly organized with convenient accessory pockets. Engineered with rugged durability in mind, these Havis mounts ensure your printer remains safe and secure, even on the roughest of rides. For added versatility, check out our heavy-duty pole mount options. Bid farewell to printing headaches and welcome a smooth, secure mobile printing experience into your life. Explore The Rugged Store today and find what you’ve been missing.

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